company cutlure

1、 enterprise culture idea system
     (1) corporate mission
         Do a good job in the enterprise, return to society
     (2) corporate vision
         Become a first-class manufacturer of contactor, to become the industry leader, become a respected business.
     (3) the core values of enterprises
         Continuous pursuit, continuous progress, and strive to do the best.
         1, talent concept: let the ideals, the play staff development and to continue to grow, the formation of nengshangnengxia with atmosphere, fully tap the potential of every employee.
         2, the quality of the view: there is no quality, there is No.
         3, profit view: the pursuit of sustainable development of enterprises, to maintain a reasonable profit.
     (4) enterprise spirit
         Integrity and pragmatic scientific vitality
     (5) business philosophy
         Let customers get value so that employees can develop into social responsibility to maintain harmony with the environment.
2、 213 connotation
     Two wishes – good business, good products
     A spirit – Focus
     Three bases: innovation, talent, culture

President Speech

The purpose of the enterprise is to develop the national industry and to carry forward the national spirit.
Enterprise spirit: development. Innovation. Dedication. Integrity.
Quality policy: accurate and reliable. To meet customer needs.
Business philosophy: the customer is in my heart.
Management idea: scientific humanization. Management to create first-class quality.
Development concept: the quality of survival. To the development of science and technology.

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