QCX2 andian-dahatsoratra andriamby starterDouble 09 ~ 95A

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QCX2 series magnetic starter 09~95A In circuit of AC 50/60Hz, voltage of 690V, curre up to 95A, controlling motors of different types.Control resistance,inductive,capacitive loads: heating,lightingand transformer.Control distrbutioncircuit, industrial distribution.                              

  • LE1 magnetic starter: 09~95A
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    QCX2 andian-dahatsoratra andriamby starterDouble 09 ~ 95A
    izy nitety ny AC 50 / 60Hz, malefaka ny 690V, curre niakatra ho any 95A, mifehy Motors samy hafa types.Control
    fanoherana, inductive, capacitive entana: fanafanana, lightingand transformer.Control distrbutioncircuit,
    orinasa fizarana.


















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