DC contactor how to use?

First, the use of methods:
      1 the type of DC contactor should be selected according to the type of the load current and the light weight of the load, that is, the AC or DC load, is the light load, the general load or the heavy load.
      Can calculate the IN main contact more than PN motor rated current rated current according to the empirical formula of DC contactor main contact 2 DC contactor main contact / (1~1.4) UN motor, if the start motor control DC contactor or reverse braking frequently, the main contact of the contactor rated current of a step down.
      3 nameplate rated voltage contactor main contact on standard voltage refers to the rated voltage of the main contact can withstand voltage, rated voltage is not attracting coil, the main contact of the contactor shall not be less than the rated voltage of the load when used.
      4 the operating frequency of the frequency selection operation refers to the number of contacts per hour off. When the on-off current is large and the on-off frequency is too high, will cause serious contact overheating, even if welding. The operating frequency exceeds the set value, should choose the rated current level of DC contactor.
      Selection of the rated voltage rated voltage rated voltage of the coil coil 5 not necessarily equal to the main contact, when using a simple circuit, small appliances, voltage can be directly used 380V or 220V, such as circuit complexity, the use of electrical appliances more than 5h, 24V, 48V or 110V voltage available (1964 International standards for 36V, 110V, or 127V the coil).
Two, a brief introduction:
      DC contactor with modular design, can be assembled parts with minimal contact form contact way what the customer needs and customer needs (normally open, normally closed and converted); the series contact breaking high voltage, and the transverse magnetic field of arc blowing, the highest breaking pressure can reach 220VDC. products for programmable power supply or uninterruptible power supply systems, forklifts, electric vehicles, engineering machinery system.

Post time: Sep-02-2016
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