New staff welcome forum 2018

Good afternoon, distinguished leaders and staff members.

First of all, we sincerely welcome all the new employees to join our vibrant team. From this moment on, you are a member of this team. At the same time, we are injecting fresh blood into the company, the future of your company. I hope you and every member of this team can respect each other, understand each other and learn from each other.The company’s training will continue to advance. No matter what position, all enjoy equal opportunities for promotion, Xinhong provides a good platform for excellent employees and development space. Proud intertwined with this heavy task. Learn from every lecturer and lay a solid foundation for future work.

Our company requires everyone to fulfill their duties with a high degree of conscientiousness, high standards, high quality and creativity.

Our company always pursues customer satisfaction. Everything you say and do in your work represents the image of the company, not yourself. We should follow the code of conduct of “positive” enthusiasm, initiative, speed, accuracy and safety to complete the work.

We sincerely hope that your honesty, enthusiasm, perseverance, courtesy, efficiency, creativity and teamwork will play your role in the company’s big stage.

I believe the company will be more wonderful and wonderful because of your participation.






Post time: Sep-28-2018
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