The historical development of AC contactor

1950s, the former Soviet Union, the level of 30-40, the volume of large, supplies, energy consumption, arc large, low life, the main models: QC1, QJ1.
    1960s, the first generation of unified product design, the volume of supplies to reduce 1/3-1/2, life expectancy increased by 2-3 times, the main models: CJ12, CJ10, CJ0
   In twentieth Century 70-80, the second generation product technology introduction, unified design (the basic use of new materials), has the advantages of small size, less material consumption, energy saving, higher life, technical indicators in line with international standards, is the beginning of miniaturization and modularization of the contactor. Main models: CJ20, CJ24
    In 1990s, the third generation of products, mainly to the development of the volume, weight, and further reduce the energy components in a modular structure: accessories complete function, and long service life, reliable performance, technical indicators in line with international standards, the main types: CJX1, CJX2, CJX3, CJX4
    Now the new Hong electric, after years of unremitting efforts to innovation, from the third generation to the fourth generation of products across the major models: CNC5, CNC6-T

Post time: Aug-29-2016
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