The use of products should pay attention to what?

 Security informed: in the installation, operation, operation, maintenance, inspection, please be sure to carefully read the company’s series of product specifications, and in accordance with the instructions on the contents of accurate installation, use of the product.
★No wet hands,
★You use, do not touch the conductive parts,
★maintenance and maintenance, must ensure that the product is not charged.
14700274686957991.jpg Notice.
★Installation, maintenance and maintenance, should have the professional qualifications of personnel operation;
★Please confirm before using the product voltage, current, frequency and the use of the category is in line with the requirements,
★Please turn on the control circuit, carry out the no-load operation test, and then connect the load without exception,
★Regularly tighten the connecting terminal and remove the deposited dust,
★Don’t let foreign matter fall into the product,
★If you need to purchase orders, please use the accessories provided by the company’s,
★If the product is damaged or abnormal noise in the box, should refuse to use and contact the supplier,
★When the product is scrapped, please do a good job of product waste disposal, thank you for your cooperation.

Post time: Aug-29-2016
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