Warm congratulations on our products passed RoHS certification.

 In order to improve the quality of our products in the international market, our mechanical interlocking products have passed the Delici RoHS test successfully, passed the safety, environmental protection, hygiene and other indicators, and provided a more favorable guarantee for exporting to the European Union, and obtained a sales pass to enter the European Union market. This marks that the mechanical interlocking products of Yueqing Xinhong Electric Co., Ltd. have reached the directive requirements of the European Union, and have achieved a comprehensive integration with European and international standards. Since its inception, our company has adhered to the principle of social responsibility, never misuse materials that endanger the environment and bring adverse effects to customers and workers. This ROHS inspection is a reflection of our company’s persistence over the years. Therefore, please rest assured with our label manufacturers friends, we will strictly adhere to the principles and bottom line, so that our products maintain a high level of environmental protection products, we will also study the production of more ROHS products. Finally, we also welcome more manufacturers and friends to cooperate with us, product details can be checked on the website.




Post time: Sep-27-2018
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