Quality Philosophy:
Quality is the dignity of new Hong staff.
The service we provide starts with the construction of the marketing system, and runs through every detail before, during, and after sales. Customer satisfaction is our persistent pursuit. Following the principle of “Preciseness and Objectivity, High Quality and Efficiency, Reputation First”, we continue to innovate and to transcend ourselves so that new Hong’s tomorrow is more brilliant.

Quality Commitments:
We make the following solemn commitments to our customers:
(1) Operate strictly according to quality requirements, firmly resist any deviation from the quality policies and treat the deviation with the utmost seriousness.
(2)The customer’s services will be resolved within 24 hours in the city, within 48 hours in the province, and within 72 hours outside the province.
(3) Strictly comply with product quality law, and guarantee product refund, repair and replacement.
Our business purpose is “Technology Advanced, Quality First, Customers First and Service First”
Quality service objective: the ex-factory products 100% qualified

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