CNC1-E series AC contactor

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CNC1-E series contactor In circuit of AC 50/60Hz, voltage of 690V, curre up to 12A, contollingmotors of different types.Control resistance,inductive,capacitive loads: heating,lighting and transformer.Control distrbutioncircuit,industrial distribution.  

  • LC1-E series AC contactor: 06~12A
  • Color: AC:24V 36V 48V 110V 220V 380V
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  • US: $2.32~2.5/ only(Min order100)
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    CNC1-E letoto la lihlooho tse contactor
    Ka oa potoloho ea lenaihana 50 / 60Hz, gagamalo tsa 690V, curre ho fihlela ho 12a, contollingmotors ea fapaneng types.Control
    hanyetsa, inductive, mejaro capacitive: futhumatsang, mabone le transformer.Control distrbutioncircuit, kabo liindasteri.


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